From All Out of Love, to We Are On The Way, to his “Sing for Life” concert tour, and to the new version of Memories of Love, Wallace bombarded his Sweet Grapefruit Girls with plenty of exciting news. Oh yes—Sweet Grapefruit Girls is your new nickname, fangirls! Why? Read on…

Wallace’s September Weibo Updates

September 3rd


This looks like a mascot for the upcoming concerts. You can watch the video here.

The Vampire Wallace? “So” is a nice pun that asks the fans for their take on this figurine and highlights its creator’s last name.

September 5th


Another “mysterious” chef prepared vegetarian afternoon snacks while Wallace dozed off on the couch. Glad to see the cute cat sauntering across the house!

This is the third video of the Food Rhapsody series. You can watch the other videos in the series here.

September 7th


A more vivid presentation of the Vampire Wallace! You can watch the video here.

September 10th


Yo, Wallace! You caught my attention!

And, what a cute nickname for Cheng Tianyou! Let’s forget about “Uncle” or “Sweet Grapefruit” for a while!

Also, look at those adorable shots of the main cast of All Out of Love! Now that Liangsheng literally means “cool+born,” it does feel right for the drama to be aired in the cool, crisp fall.

September 17th

“Sweet grapefruit” is too delicious, peel peel peel peel peel peel peel…start peeling tonight.

“Sweet grapefruit” sounds like Tianyou in Mandarin, so it became a perfect nickname for Wallace’s character Cheng Tianyou. Plus, “peel” sounds the same as “broadcast.”

September 24th

To Sweet Grapefruit Girls: I know you will come, so I wait…The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.

Well, Wallace officially addressed his fans as “Sweet Grapefruit Girls” this month!

On the evening of September 24th, Wallace, Sun Yi (Jiang Sheng), and Yu Menglong (Cheng Tian’en) performed at Hunan Satellite TV’s Mid Autumn Festival Gala. Watch the video here.

September 28th

If I must make an impartial remark, at our Maluzhai Village, there is no differentiation between big pigs’ feet and piglets’ feet. Pigs’ feet are pigs’ feet, just like mine…

In a recent interviews with Youku, Wallace did not understand the meaning of the Internet meme “big pig’s foot” or “trotter” and accepted the nickname happily.

In reality, “big pig’s foot” or “trotter” typically refers to unlikable men, such as a man who is not sensitive to women’s emotional needs, a fickle man who turns cold to a woman after they become a couple, a man who is a playboy, etc. You can learn all about it here.

Wallace posted this Weibo post obviously after realizing that he was misled by the reporter. And by mentioning Maluzhai Village and tagging We Are On The Way, he turned his “retaliation” into a small marketing campaign for the poverty alleviation reality TV show he’s been on twice. Smart!

How Well Did All Out of Love Do?

This drama’s official Weibo page does not look like they are crazy about numbers, so I didn’t collect too much data about its success.

As far as I know, All Out of Love surpassed one billion views by September 25th.

The drama topped the CSM Huan real time ratings on September 29th. That’s a great accomplishment.

One day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wallace “launched” a radio station asking the viewers to share their happiness and sorrow with him.

He said:

Hi everyone. I am Sweet Grapefruit—Cheng Tianyou. I heard many people wanted to ask me questions. Today, Sweet Grapefruit’s Warm Winter Radio went on the air. If you have anything on your mind, whether it’s joyful or bothersome, you can tell me. I’m here listening to you.

Although that’s just a promo clip, I found it rather heartwarming!

FYI, Peanuts has posted a long string of comments and videos about the drama on our Facebook page. Her insights are fun and spot-on. Please follow our Facebook page and enjoy her commentary on the next 50 episodes!

“Not Sorrowful Love” MVs

Official MV:

Besides, there is also a drama version MV.

If you are curious about the English translation of the song lyrics, just click on any episode of the DVD version of the drama here.

All Out of Love BTS clips are available on the drama’s official Weibo page as well as YouTube.

All those clips have subtitles and humorous commentary that pops up every now and then in largely decorative fonts. Those comments mainly explain what was going on or what the actors were possibly thinking about, based on the video editors’ opinion.

Here are some fun facts about the drama.

Fun Fact #1: In the drama, Jiang Sheng does not know how to play the piano, but Sun Yi does. She played Malaysian singer Michael Wong or Guang Liang’s “Fairy Tale” on the set. I did some extra research—Sun Yi passed grade 9 electronic keyboard and grade 10 piano.

Fun Fact #2: Wang Herun who played Jiang Sheng’s good friend Jin Ling, was the actress who played the young Xin Chen in Memories of Love.

Fun Fact #3: Wang Zhi, the actress who played Ning Xin, is an action star. She is great at swordsmanship and Wing Chun. She was pregnant during the filming process.

Lifestyle Magazine Photoshoot

I loved Wallace’s photo shoot with a kitty that looks so much like Winter Mushroom in All Out of Love. You can admire the photos here.

Cosmo Bride Magazine Interview

In this clip, Wallace answers a bunch of short questions.

-Do you usually wear makeup when you go out?


-If you could use only one kind of cosmetic product when you attend an event, where would you apply it?

-I’d use sunblock.

-Are you a “delicate boy who is crazy about skincare”?


-What kind of workout do you like?


-Your favorite food?


-Movies or TV dramas?


-How long do you use your phone before going to bed?

I only brush my teeth before going to bed.

-What do you feel most sorry for?

Not having enough time.

-What’s your next destination for vacation?


-What’s the most exciting thing that happened last week?

The World Cup.

-How do you spend your “me” time?

Reading books.

-What’s the most special gift you’ve received?

Love letters.

-One sentence to describe yourself?

Zan [meaning pressing the “like” button]!

-Share a one-sentence “chicken soup” [inspirational quote].

Love yourself.

We Are On The Way

We Are On The Way, a poverty alleviation reality TV show, serves to help farmers around the country to modernize their business models and launch more influential brands.

In his trip to Hainan, Charity Ambassador Wallace helped pluck organic tea leaves before they become pests’ dinner.

Later, Wallace gave a high school graduate surnamed Fu a gift [it looks like a bag of pens], while the other ambassadors gave her some gift money as college tuition.

Wallace also visited a coffee farmer with a coffee expert and another ambassador. Wallace said he had never seen a coffee tree or taste a coffee cherry, but he soon crossed those two items off his bucket list.

The main goal of the visit, though, was to persuade the coffee farmer Mr. Chen to launch a coffee brand in the town. Wallace remarked that Mr. Chen could market his coffee in different ways and recycle coffee grounds for various purposes.

He said, “For example, coffee grounds can be used as the refrigerator deodorizer, and the coffee could be a great ingredient for desserts.”

Wallace wasn’t just talking. He quickly created the dessert—a tiramisu cup. The other ambassador was so impressed that he suggested Wallace make 10 more cups. Haha, Wallace’s cooking lessons really paid off!

B6jnoizv o
Wallace’s masterpieces!

Besides the tiramisu, he made a coffee candle with coffee grounds.

Wallace also gave some local children a drawing class. The theme was to draw the kids’ hometown, Baisha, but Wallace let his imagination go wild!

Cdnyfn0z o
Wallace’s drawing!

Then Wallace taught the kids to sing his song “Want to Fly, Fly over the World.” Later, Wallace performed the song with the kids at the Baisha Culture Square.

At the end of the episode, in a drone light show, the products that Baisha’s farmers were going to launch were displayed in the night sky.

Chen Rong, the host of We Are On The Way, revealed a secret: Wallace told her in private that he wanted to sponsor some kids to realize their dreams. Ms. Chen praised Wallace for being part of the show for the second time, saying that he was truly serious and passionate about charity work.

You can watch the We Are On The Way video clips featuring Wallace. They were edited and uploaded by @秋雨之歌 here and here.

BTW, @秋雨之歌 is the fan whom Wallace dedicated his “Sing for Life” tour to. She is dubbed “Mama Yang” by Wallace’s Chinese fans. Although she is over 70, she keeps learning new skills and loving Wallace. How beautiful!

Talking about the “Sing for Life” concert tour, Wallace will probably have the last two concerts in November. They’ll take place in the north and south of China, respectively.

Memories of Love

Surprise! Memories of Love‘s official Weibo account announced on September 29th that the drama would return after the National Day holiday (Oct. 1-7) with a new 41-episode version.

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