Wallace Chung’s All Out of Love Interview Summaries

In the following four All Out of Love interviews, Wallace chatted about being called “Uncle” in the drama, Cheng Tianyou, and his fashion preferences. Oh, he was also tricked into accepting the nickname “big pig’s foot”!

-Two words to describe Cheng Tianyou?

Warm and responsible.

-Two words to describe Wallace Chung?

I also hope to be warm and responsible.

-When you first saw the drama title—”Liangsheng, Can We Be Not Sorrowful?”, did you want to diss it?

What’s wrong with the drama title? I think it’s quite artistic.

-Design a pre-broadcast SEO keyword for the drama.

“Cheng Tianyou.”

-Not “Wallace Chung Cheng Tianyou”?

-Unnecessary. As long as everyone likes the drama, we are not important.

*Haha: Wallace is truly modest!

-Is Sun Yi different from your previous co-stars?

I thought she was a new actor, but she’s in fact very experienced. She is outgoing and loves laughing. Laughter livens up the set. I’d do things to make her laugh to make filming go more smoothly.

-Please create a sentence with “Liangsheng, can we be not sorrowful.”

Hi viewers, can we tune in to watch “Liangsheng, Can We Be Not Sorrowful”?

-How did you really feel about being called “Uncle”?

It’s quite nice to be called “Uncle.” Many friends and classmates my age received that title a long time ago. “Uncle” fits my age.

-So you won’t flip out when fans call you “Uncle” in your face?

Should I call them “Little Loli”?

-How would you feel if fans called you “big pig’s foot” [trotter, a pig’s foot used as food]?

What’s that?

-It’s hot Internet meme. Many male stars are dubbed “big pig’s foot”, because everyone wants to eat trotter.

Wow what a big circle [they make to get this message across]! Then, fine. Come take a bite!

*Haha: Hahaha actually “big pig’s foot” or “trotter”  refers to an unwelcome man, especially a man who is not sensitive to women’s emotional needs, a fickle man who turns cold to a woman after they become a couple, or a man who is a playboy. The meme went popular in August, 2018 as a generic complaint about men’s shortcomings.

The reporter tricked Wallace, but Wallace’s response was adorable.

And don’t worry, Wallace fought back later on Weibo—you’ll read about it in the monthly news update!

-Show us a move that you think is most charmingly flirtatious.

If I can be that way, I won’t have to do something specifically. I’m flirtatious all the time. Didn’t you notice that? 😉

-Do you have the Idol’s Baggage [trying too hard to maintain an idol’s image]?

I don’t. I don’t carry any bags. 😉

-Did you explore Paris when you filmed there?

Absolutely, because we don’t always go that far to shoot a drama. And there’s a lot of delicious food in Paris, such as the French cuisine and desserts. I went shopping for clothes there, too.

-So you have a sweet tooth?

I love eating. Eating is a very important thing in life. 😉

-You often posted food-related videos on Weibo. Are you going to be a food blogger?

In the past, I just loved eating. Then I wanted to know how those dishes were made, so I started learning how to cook. After some successful attempts, I wanted to share them [on Weibo].

-Show us a sorrowful facial expression.

Wallace complied with the request at 3:40-3:53.

-What are the three qualities that a good fan should have?

I think a good fan should: 1) enjoy oneself; 2) respect everyone else. 3) become better through being a fan.

Then Wallace read some fans’ words to him upon request.

-Nothing is more important than your happiness. When you are happy, I am happy. Just do what you want to do, and I’ll love everything you do.

-Uncle Cheng Tianyou, I want to date you. You can’t say no. Understand? Well, we’ve happily made a pact.

-I want to confess my love for you. Last night I ate a big grapefruit. It was so sweet. In the next few weeks, as your “sweet grapefruit girl,” I will watch Cheng Tianyou while eating fruits.

My voice was not used in the drama, but you can hear my voice in promo clips and some trailers. There’s more work I need to do to improve my pronunciation. I’ve worked quite hard on my lines, and I noticed my progress in this drama. I paid a lot of attention to my tone, pronunciation, etc.

*Haha: I think the public teased his accent too much and too harshly. He could have felt more confident speaking Mandarin if people didn’t joke about his “Gangpu”—Hongkong Mandarin, or Mandarin with a Cantonese accent.

The story was very touching, but at first, I wasn’t sure if I could add more value to this drama.

Most of the scenes in this drama were completed in one take. The smooth filming process made actors feel very comfortable, but that must mean that the director and the rest of the crew had to do a lot of homework beforehand.

We know the audience love sweet romantic scenes, so those scenes were jammed into the trailers and MVs, but this drama has both the sweet scenes and the sad scenes.

Being romantic is a must when it comes to pursue a girl. This has nothing to do with age. (Did the drama strike your “teenage boy’s heart”?) Yes, it did! It struck my “teenage boy’s heart” so hard that I can’t find it anymore. 😊 When I saw the trailer on the big screen downstairs, I felt I melted, too. Especially that line—“actually my phone did not go missing, but I seemed to have lost you.” If I were a girl and a guy told me that, I’d feel so weak [meaning I’d be floored, be swept off my feet].

I think it’s cute to be called “Uncle.” I believe you should look your age. My appearance now probably matches the “Uncle” title. And Sun Yi said it in an adorable way. Plus, some fans call me by “Uncle Sweet Grapefruit,” and I was like, “Fine. That’s quite lovely.” I accepted that quite happily.

(Reporter: I discovered that you resist being told “You look the same.”)

I resisted that because I keep changing. I saw my progress in my works. People tell me I look the same probably to just be polite. I think it’s best to change gradually and naturally and to constantly become better.

I’ll still read the scripts [if similar roles come around]. I will read all the scripts because every story is different even if they are set in the same era. You can always find some areas where you can do something new and make some progress. I don’t reject roles that are similar to Cheng Tianyou.

I don’t mind that some people get to know me through my acting, and that others get to know me through my work in other fields. I know who I am. I am multi-faceted. If you know me as an actor, I’m happy. If you know me from another angle, I’m equally delighted. There is one thing that Cheng Tianyou and I have in common. It is perseverance—I just want to stand here; don’t tell me to go away, and I’ll wait until you come.

I saw that some people who used to stand by my side, who started [a career in the entertainment industry] together with me, gave up at some point, but I think as long as you hang in there, you’ll always find some things that you’ve never tried before. That’s what I did over so many years.

The Age 70 Covenant started as a joke, but later it turned into a way of encouraging each other: Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do this or that just because you grow older. Persevere—if your heart stays energetic, you can keep doing the things you want to do, even if you reach 70.

Being called “Uncle” is cute. People look different at different stages of their lives. And people of all ages need love. It’s OK to meet someone you like and pursue love no matter how old you are. Age is not so big a problem in love.

Cheng Tianyou is a little childish [in love], and at work he’s very responsible. He looks like a successful professional man, but when he is with Jiang Sheng, he will release the gentleness and even childishness in his body. He would joke with her, tease her, and play pranks on her. Cheng Tianyou doesn’t know why he’d do those things—perhaps that’s a sign that he’s been attracted to Jiang Sheng before he knows it.

Yes, yes, yes, I’ve seen many videos of Pear Video.

The TV drama script has made the story more relatable to the audience.

Cheng Tianyou is responsible, especially when he’s with Jiang Sheng, he’ll release the innocence and gentleness in his body. He probably has a tiny shortcoming—he keeps many of his emotions to himself. I’m similar to him in that regard. I also want to focus on making things happen and letting people see the results, so that I don’t have to say anything before that.

I’ll watch the drama with the audience, too. I’ve actually seen the better part of the drama, but I’ll watch the whole drama with everyone else.

Very early on, I’d be too shy to watch my own dramas, but I’ve been an actor for many years, [so I’m not shy anymore.] Sometimes when I watch my dramas, I’m not very objective—I don’t watch the dramas as an audience member; I tend to watch them more technically to see if my performance is good or not.

This time, I was a little surprised that I was so moved by the plots that I forgot to evaluate my acting.

(Then, Wallace was asked to identify eight pictures of his characters.

It wasn’t a tall order for him—he was 100% correct. He said the trick was to identify the different details in costume design—He Yichen’s clothes are always of the same colors; Lu Fei does not wear suits…Wallace said he feels grateful for all the roles he played.)

You think I have great fashion sense? I did proactively give suggestions about costume design for modern dramas. Sometimes I wear my own clothes in those dramas, because they already fit me, but of course I’d wear outfits that match those characters’ personalities. If people pay attention, they’ll spot me wearing my own clothes in the dramas.

I’ve never had more outfits than I do in All Out of Love, since I started shooting modern dramas. The total number of the outfits that the characters you asked me to identify is probably smaller than the number of the outfits that Cheng Tianyou has. Maybe Cheng Tianyou has twice as many outfits as those characters combined. 😉

Yes, what I’m wearing now is put together by myself. I bought these when I went traveling.

When I am at home…I simply choose homewear.

It’s been a long time since I wore bright colors. The colors I usually wear tend to be earth tones, or darker shades that [make me look] composed and mature—colors that are compatible with the life stage I’m at.

I have both the intuitive or emotional side and the rational side. If one is purely rational, then he or she is not quite suitable for an acting job. There are times when I feel poetic or artistic. When I visit places that are very beautiful, I’d imagine how people in the past wrote poems at this place. I write down my random thoughts. If they can be grouped into an article, I’ll share it with others.

Sometimes a long Weibo post takes me more than one or two hours to write. Sometimes it takes a shorter time.

I’m willing to try new things. Not just writing articles. I want to explore all kinds of fields. Like photography. I’ll see if I can make more progress when I explore further in photography and writing. Maybe I could publish a book one day.

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