All Out Of Love: Cheng Tian You’s Fashion Show Part 1

Are you dazzled by Cheng Tian You’s extensive wardrobe on All Out of Love? While waiting for more episodes of the drama, I’ve compiled some pictures (not all) from Weibo of those clothes he wore in the first 20 episodes. A fashion blogger on Weibo calculated that he has 35 sets of clothes in the first 10 episodes but the number of his outfits dropped to 34 sets in the next 10 episodes. Thus in total, he wore 69 sets of clothes for 20 episodes. It is rumored that he’ll have 300 sets in total.  So, let’s start counting.

As confirmed by an interview translated by Haha, Wallace did wear a lot of his personal clothes and even his own shoes in the drama. This is why nearly all of his clothes are so fitting. I wonder if he got paid extra for supplying his own clothes 😛 I am not sure about Best Time but Wallace also wore some of his own clothes on My Sunshine. As you can see, most of them are branded so they probably cost a bomb but he can afford them. I think he loves Paul Smith the most. Most of these clothes are autumn and winter wear.

Because of the sheer amount of his branded clothes, he is nicknamed Uncle Mine. Indeed there are coal mines in Wei Jia Ping 😛 Being able to afford those clothes doesn’t mean you will look good in them.  But Wallace has the look, aura and physique to make them stand out. Hence he is also known as the clothes hanger. With his tall stature and well-built body, he cuts a dashing figure in those clothes.

Without further ado,  I’ll start the fashion show 🙂

Episodes 1 & 2 (11 sets)

Wa, this is current. He probably wore his own coat when he filmed Lidl’s ads.

Episodes 3 & 4 (11 sets)

According to what I’ve read, all his stripped scarves (about 10) are from Paul Smith and no duplication. Chewywon is a big fan of scarves. If you want to admire more of his scarves, do check out this video posted on our Facebook.

Episodes 5 & 6 (6 sets)

He wore this coat before during Three movie promotion?

The clothes he wore before for Ecovacs endorsement.

You’ll probably see this Dior suit minus the tie again to Healing Love, the last drama in his ‘Love’ drama trilogy 😛

Episodes 7 & 8 (6 sets)

I spotted this as the coat that he wore at the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala due to the bright red color.

Episodes 9 & 10 (1 set)

Episodes 11 & 12 (4 sets)

Episodes 13 & 14 (7 sets)

Episodes 15 & 16 (10 sets)

I think he wore this jacket to the booting ceremony of Healing Love which took place on 7th April 2017.

Oh, he wore this coat on Memories of Love before. For your information, I think an extended version is being broadcast on Guangdong TV now.

If you are interested in tying the coat belt like Wallace, here is how it is done.

Episodes 17 & 18 (10 sets)

Recycling again the clothes he wore for Ecovacs endorsement, so environmentally friendly lol.

He wore this white sweater in a Cetaphil function before.

Episodes 19 & 20 (3 sets)

If you’ve been following my fangirling from Fanatical blog, you would know that I have the habit of doing a fashion post after the drama ended. If you are interested, you can check out my posts on Boss & Me and You’re My Sunshine. But due to Wallace’s large number of clothes on All Out of Love, I have to split my post into either 2 or 3 parts, depending on how many sets of new clothes he’ll be wearing in the next 50 episodes.

So, which one do you like best? If you have other Wallace’s clothes that I’ve not included, please feel free to share. If you still want more, you can check out this video which I had posted before on Facebook and a new one below.

4 thoughts on “All Out Of Love: Cheng Tian You’s Fashion Show Part 1”

  1. It’s been awhile since i visited this site. Ah uri wallace. I’ve been watching All Out Of Love, and Wallacd is just soooo freaking smexy. Well, i like Ma Tian Yu too but boy needs some vitamin lols, he looks ‘tired’ lmao. My friend asked me if wallace will get the girl, i honestly dunno since i didnt read the novel to, but will he?

    Seeing this post, i realized that wallace is seriously down to earth. Some celebs do not want to wear the same clothes for the 2nd time but wallace… Awww… So nice. And he looks great in everything 😍😍😍..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, my lost sheep is back lol. Tell your fren yes, he’ll get the girl but not 100% confirmed until you watch the final episode.

      Come to facebook la, more up-to-date info on AOOL watching.

      Actually a lot of artists wear their own clothes in drama. Just that you can’t recognise them since you are not a fan. I guess wearing it twice in real life & reel life is different. If you attend a function with the same clothes, ppl may think that you are poor or cheapskate. But if you mix & match a bit, it won’t be that obvious.


  2. Thank you for sharing! It’s a delight to watch both Wallace’s acting and fashion! Haha~
    BTW, do you know what brand is his personal scarf? I really like the one that he’s been wearing as seen in the BTS. It’s dark green plaid on one side and navy on the other side. It’s like a fleece material? It looks so warm!


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