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Welcome & Greetings, fellow fangirls.

This is purely a Wallace Chung’s fans’ blog and is not related to Wallace or his official fan club at all.

As Wallace Chung’s English speaking international fans have been growing rapidly since the broadcast of The Amazing Race and My Sunshine, we have decided to set up a blog dedicated exclusively to him. This is to facilitate discussion and communication between English speaking fans to get to know Our Sunshine better. We can also  happily drool over and fangirl Wallace Chung together. 😀

We will post recaps or reviews on his movies and dramas, news and event updates, article and interview translations, pictures and any other things related to him.

We welcome more helpers to make this blog as complete and informative as possible so please help if you fulfill the following simple criteria:

  • Must be a Wallace Chung’s fan or else how to write glowingly about him?
  • Can read Chinese as you need to translate from Chinese sources.
  • Has a reasonable command of English as you will be writing in English.

If you meet those criteria and are interested in becoing part of the team, please leave a comment and we will contact you.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi guys…here’s the thing….I can’t exactly speak or write in Chinese but I do speak/write/read in Vietnamese. The fanbase in Vietnam updates Wallace’s info almost as fast as the Chinese fans and I think they are much faster than the English-speaking fans. I can help with this blog if you need more people to make this blog more informative because the sources I have are only slower than the Chinese sources by a couple hours to one day. Aside from that, I fulfill all of the criteria you set…For example, I’ve been his fans for almost ten years and my first language is English so of course I can write about him as glowingly as you would like. So if you need me I can help….^^

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  2. Hi I am actually a new and big fan of Wallace since watching him on television broadcasting the ‘Best Times’. I immediately ‘fell in love’ with him through his male role ‘Lu Li Cheng’ as the character of the role has the ‘unconditional love’ on his side only. Since then I have been following all his news on youtube. As I am from Malaysia and speak Cantonese though I only read a little of Chinese but I hope to be able to help in this blog as needed. Thank you.

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  3. Hi ladies, I’m a new fan of Wallace…I actually started to know him from last week…I watched almost all of his dramas and interviews, listened to all his songs in these two weeks. I’m totally into him now. Admire so much of what you are doing for him in such a professional way. Glad to offer my help. BTW, I’m a Chinese speaker with fluent English.

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