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Many things happened in March. The meaningful reality TV show, We Are On the Way was broadcast on Dragon TV. As usual, Wallace did some promotion activities for TEK and Ecovacs,. He also attended the 2018 Dragon TV Drama Award Ceremony.  In between, he probably spent his time preparing for his directorial debut and enjoying some quality time with his family.

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Happy New Year ! Greeting from Wallace to all his fans:

At this moment, we know each other and stay together. Thank you Liang Min (nickname for Wallace’s fans),  for accompanying me to step into the new year together on CCTV.  Hope the Liang family will continue to be kind and love one another and have a happy year ahead. Be safe and sound. Have peace of mind.

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The month of February saw the ending of General & I as well as Wallace busy preparing for his next drama, Healing Love. Sometimes I do wish there was a no news month for him so that we can take a break 😛 A big thank you to Haha for helping to compile and write some of the updates. A word of warning, don’t expect the updates of this month to be as detailed and comprehensive as January’s since I am busy and I am not Haha 😛 I’ll try my best so if it is not up to your standards, don’t throw tomatoes at me 😛

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First Impression of Wallace in General And I – Episode 1 to 8


This post will concentrate solely on Wallace Chung so don’t complain that I am biased 😛 The first 8 episodes have already been subbed in English so there is no point for me in summarizing them. Thus I’ll address some criticisms on the drama as well as some interesting observations. I welcome any constructive criticism but please don’t be too harsh on me and Wallace lol.

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Wallace was busy filming Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? in December. Due to the fact that December is a festive season and also the impending release of General & I, there were plenty of updates on Wallace which took me ages to compile but it was all worth it. Happy New Year to all Wallace’s fans from Chewywon and me. We look forward to watching his dramas together with all of you in 2017.

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