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2017 HON Visual Art Exhibition: A Time and Space Travel to the Mind of Wallace Chung

[Sep 2017, Korea, by Sinophile_K]

It was exactly a year ago, in September 2016, when I made my first encounter with Wallace Chung’s photo essay book entitled 浮光掠影 “In the Shadow of Love.” This unforgettable encounter was made possible thanks to my two angelic LM friends K and T from Beijing when I visited them for the 924 Beijing Concert. For this poor Chinese-illiterate foreigner, K got an extremely rare copy of the photo book and T translated what Wallace wrote in there into English. I must have done something really good in my previous life, to enjoy this love and friendship now!

I opened the cover carefully, ran through the pages one after another, and slowly began to understand what T had told me before, “You should see his photos along with the titles and captions. Together, they make beautiful sense!” Even to my Chinese-blind eyes, the photos started to tell stories already. I burst into laughter when I saw the photo with the title “犇”. This Chinese character, formed of three 牛s (‘cows’), means ‘to run’; ironically, inside the photo were three cows, not running but peacefully crouching on the prairie! Haha, what a sense of humor! Continue reading 2017 HON Visual Art Exhibition: A Time and Space Travel to the Mind of Wallace Chung

A Review of Three (三人行)

South Korea was not one of the lucky countries where Three (三人行) was released last summer, but I wanted to see Wallace in the film so badly that I decided to fly to Hong Kong to watch it. I was not a big fan of crime thrillers or Johnnie To, nor Three was an easy or friendly movie—it took me three views to finally get a grasp of it!—yet it was totally worth the trip and all its cost! After watching it, I came to like Johnnie To and of course to like Wallace even more! Three finally landed on Korean soil in early October at Busan International Film Festival and I watched it for the fourth time, which finally got me down to write a much belated review. Continue reading A Review of Three (三人行)