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April 2018 NEWS UPDATE

April officially passed as the quietest for Wallace—basically nothing happened except a 30-second commercial and a brief drama update.



Who can escape my attraction? Not even the Black Flower (aka 黑花, WC’s little black teddy bear (panda))? Watch the commercial to find out:

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Drama Related

All Out of Love 

Hunan TV held a press conference this past April 27th announcing their upcoming drama broadcasts for the second half of 2018. Among them is Wallace’s coming of age drama “All Out Of Love.” In case you weren’t aware, All Out of Love is based on the popular novel loosely translated as “Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Sad”or in Mandarin 凉生我们可不可以不忧伤.

According to the latest popular quote from the first trailer, Wallace’s character (Tianyou) said to the leading lady, “Jiang Sheng, that man … you have spent 17 years falling in love with him and I will help you to forget him in the next 70 years,” basically foreshadowing that Tianyou will succeed . Jiang Sheng will eventually go all out of love for the very main character Liang Sheng ( a very complicated character played by Ma Tianyu).

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Won: I hope the original artist isn’t going to kill me for this, but I change the background on the artwork to showcase what an amazing job was done. If you want, you can follow this amazing artist on weibo (at 椴事). There are many more incredible artworks of Wallace. They are super adorable.  💖💖💖

Memories of Love

Here are the top 10 most watched online dramas of 2018 so far:
1. Mr. Right 恋爱先生 -15.4 billion views
2. The Negotiator 谈判官 – 12.2 bil
3. Memories of Love 一路繁花相送 – 6 bil

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Source: 影视娱乐宣传 weibo


Back in According in 2015 ( 11/25/2015 to be exact), Wallace did a press conference to announce his first directorial debut for a motion picture, Sandglass.  Since then there have been many changes to the scrip and production had been on hold prompting WC to do many back-to-back projects instead. Now in 2018, Haha is shedding some light on the project  She reported that the project is aiming for a 2019 Spring Festival release. As always, nothing is official until the movie is out in most cases.  Xhpampkl o

Won: It has been so long, I don’t remember anything about this project any more. I had backtracked to see what we reported on this blog. As it turns out, I only wrote the following:

“Most likely newcomers are going to be cast. Sandglass is a coming of age youth romance novel focusing on 3 young troubled girls. It consists of 3 books and if all goes according to the plan, it will be made into 2 movies – from our November 2015 New Update

Too Late To Say I Love You

One of the most memorable thing about this drama is the opening theme song called 是我在做多情种 (aka Sentimental Person or how I would translate it “It’s me who think too much”). I tried to make an English translation MV for this drama like 3 years ago, but I didn’t have the motivation to finish it. However, with the snow storm in the middle of April and no news of WC, I finally managed to finish it.

The first 60 seconds of the MV is the actual beginning intense scene from the drama. WC’s character, Murong Feng, walks in like a mobster ready to kill the leading lady, Jingwan, and you know right away that this drama is going to be a mess!

Overall, I really despise both Murong Feng and Jingwan, but I can appreciate great acting from both Wallace and Li Xiaoran. This is probably WC’s best performance so far in a TV drama. The Murong Feng’s character was such a hot-headed authoritative commander who gave a wide range of emotions for WC to explore and he nailed it by completely shedding his real life Mr. Nice guy image. At lease for me, I completely forgot that he can be such a nice person in real life.

See the completed English subbed videos for “Too Late to say I love you” below (before they are taken down again).

This is all the news this month! As a result, I am sending you all off with the below picture. Why, you may ask? It’s because Wallace wear the Paul Smith brand a lot and when I saw the Spring/Summer collection, I just had to Photoshop WC’s face on it to see what he would look like. LOL, sue me😝!

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Movie Review: “Three” starring Wallace Chung, Vicki Zhao, Louis Koo

Peanuts: The review below is written by the winner of the 2018 Wallace Chung Calendar Giveaway.  Wallace really has a lot of fans in Malaysia 🙂 As you can see, it is very easy to win, no need to cross mountain or river 😛

Among all the Wallace Chung’s movies and Chinese dramas, the film “Three” was one of such high standards that it led him to greater heights of acting.

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AUGUST 2017 NEWS UPDATE: Nanjing Concert Edition

The month of August has come and gone with no news regarding any of the air dates for Wallace’s two previously wrapped up dramas (Memories of Love and Liang Sheng). Hence, August was a quiet month for Wallace. Luckily, he decided to continue his “Sing For Life” concert tour and we got lots of photos to share.

Nanjing Concert

Wallace held his concert this time in Nanjing, China on the 26th of this month. His last concert was almost a year ago in Beijing on 9th September, 2016. Continue reading AUGUST 2017 NEWS UPDATE: Nanjing Concert Edition

Wallace Chung on Netflix

A while ago, I remember reading about Netflix trying to get into China’s market. Critics were saying it might be a tough market to get into considering that China already has many online offerings (most of which are free). However, what Netflix offer is something different, which is targeting the international audiences who need English subtitles. Over the years, I have noticed an increase in Asian dramas on Netflix and without realizing, Wallace’s last three big projects have managed to be brought by Netflix.

Since I am a fan of Yichen and Mosheng’s love story, Haha recently informed me that My Sunshine is now on Netflix. So I figure it would be a good idea to do a quick features on all of Wallace’s projects currently on Netflix. I strongly recommend any fan who has an account there to support Wallace, so that we can get more projects.

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General and I (Ep13-16): Thoughts, Review, Caps, and Everything in between

The big conflict in the romance department in General and I really occurred in episodes 13-16. PingTing finally lets her guard down and makes sure BeiJie knows how much she cares for him. However,  their love is quickly put to the test and there’s one battle after another.
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