English Resources on Wallace Chung



Review on TVB drama Journey of Love

The Amazing Race Recaps

News on Movie “Monster Hunt”

News on Latest Movie “Three”

Translated English Articles

Jaynestar’s Translated English News

Chinese Resources on Wallace Chung

Wallace’s Weibo

Fan Club’s Weibo

Wallace Chung Drama Info:

Best Time with English Subtitles

Imminent Crisis with English Subtitles

My Sunshine with English Subtitles (includes special Eps 33-36)

Too Late To Say I Love You with English Subtitles

Wallace Chung Movies Info:

“Fire-Line Fighting” with English Subtitles

Fan Fiction on Wallace Chung

Prequel by Melanie

6 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Anyone can give me the link to watch WC’s movie titled “Fall in Love”? I watched the movie halfway and now wanting to finish it so badly but couldn’t find any with Eng sub 😦
    Thank you for the help 🙂


    1. TLTSILY English link so fast kaput already? I try to find u another one tonite. Next time u’ve to be fast bcos youtube always takes down video bcos of copyright infringement 😦


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