12 thoughts on “Polls”

  1. A year ago, I didn’t like watching romatic film. Then one day, I bought a new smart TV, random I saw one of most known film on internet TV, It was how great actor, I am very affectionnate this actor. It is terible now, I have fallen in love him, I find all of his film, my dreams always have his face…..

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      1. I am Vietnamese, I don’t know Chinese, Name of films were translated in Vietnamese:
        1. Bên nhau trọn đời
        2. Thời gian đẹp nhất
        3. Ngàn cân treo sợi tóc
        4. Chưa kịp nói lời yêu em
        5. Đấu tình
        Wallace Chung, You are single?, I still hope……..

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