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Chinese Fans’ Online Comments on Wallace Chung

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Peanuts: A warm welcome to our new contributor, Haha. She has her own blogs and has been translating Wallace’s songs, weibo and news. Although a lot of the articles on this blog are original writings, we also need to translate some articles and comments from Chinese to enhance your understanding of Wallace and his popularity in China. Haha is well-versed in both Chinese and English so she is the best person to do the job.

I became a fan of Wallace Chung’s after watching My Sunshine in January, 2015. Since then, I have developed a hobby of browsing and translating the online comments on Wallace by his Chinese fans on Sina Weibo, a major microblogging site in China.

Wallace’s fans in mainland, China express their love for Wallace through daily online posts and comments. Here is a small collection of my translations of the Sina Weibo posts by “Wallace’s People” since 2015:

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Peanuts: A big welcome to our fellow WC’s fans from Huaren US forum. I’ve read the comments in your forum and will like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things. Firstly, we are not Vietnamese but overseas born Chinese who live in Australia, Asia & US. Hence we can understand Chinese. Secondly, Peanuts did not make that love declaration in this article. It was written by Himmy, a truly devoted WC fan. Thank you for your kind words in your forum and feel free to visit us anytime to fangirl WC together 🙂

Wallace didn’t have much news nor public appearance this month except for his Sing for Life concert in Shanghai. This could be because he was busy preparing and rehearsing for his concert. Anyway, let’s get to it. Continue reading FEBRUARY 2016 NEWS UPDATE


Happy Lunar New Year! I’m expecting virtual ang pow (red envelope) from you lol, preferably with Wallace face printed on it lol.

Won: Himmy and Peanuts, here are red envelopes for both of you. Time is money and I have spent it all making  it.  LOL!  Also, “Happy Lunar New Year” to all the wonderful Wallace’s fans around the world!!!

Peanuts: Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Give me my ‘lai see’ lol. A fat red packet from Bong who is Yang Yang’s fan to Wallace’s fans lol.

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