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Wallace ended his Beijing concert in August with these words, “Be safe; remember to miss me.” In hindsight, that was probably his way of telling us that we wouldn’t see him for a while, but few people noticed that as everyone was dazzled by his performance! Hence, now you are reading probably the shortest monthly update in the history of this blog. 

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Heehee, I am glad that April is a slow news month so that I don’t need to update much, can slack off 😛 This is because our Wallace is busy filming Healing Love. On top of that, he also carried out his endorsement duties, supported the Chung clan and got an award.

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June was a month of unalloyed bliss for the Wallace Chung fans all over the world. If you got a little depressed earlier this year because you didn’t get to see Wallace in the news as often as you desired, you wish was granted in the month of “Zhong”—doesn’t Wallace’s last name in Mandarin Chinese sound a lot like “June”? Wallace won his first best male actor award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, graced the premieres and press conferences for his latest works, and turned dozens of road shows of “Three” into jovial fan meets. Plus, he caught up with the latest technology adored by China’s entertainment world, “live stream,” to connect with his beloved fans.

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May has come to an end, Wallace spent most of his time filming General and I. June is coming with all the movies that Wallace had filmed last year. Are you ready to watch Wallace on the big screen? I sure am! (although some of us need to wait longer for the movies to reach our local cinema.) Continue reading MAY 2016 NEWS UPDATE


Peanuts: A big welcome to our fellow WC’s fans from Huaren US forum. I’ve read the comments in your forum and will like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things. Firstly, we are not Vietnamese but overseas born Chinese who live in Australia, Asia & US. Hence we can understand Chinese. Secondly, Peanuts did not make that love declaration in this article. It was written by Himmy, a truly devoted WC fan. Thank you for your kind words in your forum and feel free to visit us anytime to fangirl WC together 🙂

Wallace didn’t have much news nor public appearance this month except for his Sing for Life concert in Shanghai. This could be because he was busy preparing and rehearsing for his concert. Anyway, let’s get to it. Continue reading FEBRUARY 2016 NEWS UPDATE

November 2015 NEWS UPDATE

November and December are holiday seasons; hence, it has been extra quiet here on this blog and it will continue to be so until next year. It’s too bad, because every topic I’m covering this month deserves it’s own post but I could only manage to put them in one. If only I could take my own personal computer with me while I travel. No worries though, because our hearts are constantly thinking about Wallace. We still have our Facebook and Twitter account. So join us there if you as Wallace fans need to spazz!

Endorsement Overload

The big news that dominated headlines throughout the month of November is Wallace’s endorsement deals. As of now, he is a spokesperson for 7 different brands. Below are some of the latest video released.
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