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2016 Fashion Rewind

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Wallace had a super busy 2016 especially with the release of his 3 recent movies. He often did local theater visits, had his own concerts, attended award shows, and had many back-to-back press conferences. As a result, Wallace’s overall fashion for 2016 was rather well diversified ranging from formal wear to laid-back styles.

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Wallace’s ‘Sing For Life’ Fashion

Wallace’s Sing for Life Shanghai concert in February is visually appealing and grander than his last concert. He sang a total of 28 songs and had about 8 different costume changes. There were no big fashion no-no’s. Concept-wise, Wallace’s concert had too many themes (futuristic, white winter, clowns, circus, shaolin, etc). It is hard to connect his fashion with his overall concert theme.

As this is my opinion only, if you disagree, voice your opinion below. You can also vote your favorite look as well. Also, I may add that both Peanuts and Himmy have opted out from commenting, so I take it that they are on my side (you all should as well …LOL).  😉

Peanuts: Wow, I hope no rotten tomatoes will be thrown at Chewywon for criticizing some of Wallace’s costume choice 😛 We may be Wallace’s fans but we should also be objective in our judgment and assessment. As a designer, Chewywon is entitled to have her own opinion though you and she may not see eye to eye. Yes, support Chewywon & Wallace as well lol. Continue reading Wallace’s ‘Sing For Life’ Fashion

2014/15 Fashion Rewind

This year’s fashion wrapup for Wallace was a rather boring one. Hence, some of his fashion from 2014 were added. See below for comparison.

It almost seems that 2014 was a year of doing promotional work as My Sunshine was his only major project at that time. Hence, his styles were a lot more lively.  By contrast,  2015, he was rather busy and his overall fashion were very casual. Most of the time it seems like he just grabbed whatever sweaters and pants he has in his closet. Color-wise, he wears lots of dark tone colors like blacks and dark blues.  If he decides to go for something brighter he settles for white. There are hardly any fashion forward pieces or any crazy design patterns. Continue reading 2014/15 Fashion Rewind