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Wallace Chung on Netflix

A while ago, I remember reading about Netflix trying to get into China’s market. Critics were saying it might be a tough market to get into considering that China already has many online offerings (most of which are free). However, what Netflix offer is something different, which is targeting the international audiences who need English subtitles. Over the years, I have noticed an increase in Asian dramas on Netflix and without realizing, Wallace’s last three big projects have managed to be brought by Netflix.

Since I am a fan of Yichen and Mosheng’s love story, Haha recently informed me that My Sunshine is now on Netflix. So I figure it would be a good idea to do a quick features on all of Wallace’s projects currently on Netflix. I strongly recommend any fan who has an account there to support Wallace, so that we can get more projects.

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November 2015 NEWS UPDATE

November and December are holiday seasons; hence, it has been extra quiet here on this blog and it will continue to be so until next year. It’s too bad, because every topic I’m covering this month deserves it’s own post but I could only manage to put them in one. If only I could take my own personal computer with me while I travel. No worries though, because our hearts are constantly thinking about Wallace. We still have our Facebook and Twitter account. So join us there if you as Wallace fans need to spazz!

Endorsement Overload

The big news that dominated headlines throughout the month of November is Wallace’s endorsement deals. As of now, he is a spokesperson for 7 different brands. Below are some of the latest video released.
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As a faithful Wallace fan, I went to watch the movie on 23th July when it premiered in my country. Urggh, why is this poster not in the cinema that I went to? >.< They only have the poster with everybody in it, which is featured on top of this post.

I’ve revised the post with more in-depth analysis after watching it for the second time.

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Monster Hunt 捉妖记 Premiering on 16 July in Greater China & 23 July in Malaysia, Singapore & Australia


The movie will premiere on 16th July in Hong Kong and China, 17th July in Vietnam and on 23rd July in Malaysia, Singapore & Australia. Before that they’ve had the private premiere in some big cities in China but Wallace only attended the one in Shanghai. If you live anywhere near a Chinatown, you’ll probably get to watch this movie in the cinema. Don’t worry, I am pretty sure it has English subtitles. Thus do go to the cinema to support Wallace as well as the movie since more than USD40m was used to make it so I am sure it’ll look better on the big screen. This is a film where you can enjoy with your family or friends. Also, you can watch this movie in Cantonese but I don’t think it is Wallace’s voice 😦

Won:  Are you Wallace’s fans ready for this movie? I am!!! If you are worried about the CGI, well rest your mind, as “Monster Hunt” director Ramen Hui had co-directed many other famous projects including : “Shrek the Third”, “Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five”, “Scared Shrekless”, and “Puss in Boots:The Three Diablos.” However, this movie would still mark as Hui’s big directorial debut.

 ” The movie is based on the Chinese classic supernatural collection of 500 stories called Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio. Set in a fictional world where human has raged war against monster for generations, the story begins with the birth of Woba, the last royal bloodline of the monster king, and centers on his quest to bring unity to the two races with the help of characters played by Bai Baihe and Jing Boran.”    Source: Hollywood Report

Trailer with English subtitles for the rest of the world premiere:

Trailer with English subtitles for Greater China premiere:

Behind the Scene with English subtitles:

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