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[Eng Sub] The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀 – Wallace Chung

Back in 2012, Wallace did a drama called The Magic Blade and it was probably his big break leading a somewhat big budget production for the first time. The drama went on to have decent ratings, but what left a lasting impression was that epic hairstyle and, on a serious note, the original soundtrack Wallace sang for the drama.

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This month is a happy month for me because of the MV release, movie trailers, drama confirmation and weibo update. Although Wallace did not make any public appearance, his project updates were everywhere!

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This is the theme song for Wallace’s latest movie called “Monster Hunt.”  It is sung by Wallace, can’t you recognise his voice 😛 ? The name of the song is “Remarkable Book.” It is rather nice and melodious coupled with a very cute monster. Chewywon wrote “That little monster is too adorable when it speaks, I almost tear up when he was locked up in the cage.”


It is scheduled for release on July 16, 2015 so Chewywon and Himmy cannot wait to rush to the cinema 🙂 Unfortunately Wallace is the bad guy who wants to eat and extinguish the entire monster race in the movie 😦 You will also see him cross dressing in the movie. With such an interesting role, of course I also must watch it on the big screen if possible. Continue reading MONSTER HUNT’S THEME SONG ENGLISH LYRICS – A REMARKABLE BOOK (奇書)

I Want To Fly Over the World’s English Lyrics 想飞,飞过世界


This song was originally written to promote Taiwan’s charity group Make-A-Wish Foundation of which Wallace was the ambassador. He did not only sing the song but also wrote the lyrics so you better pay extra attention to the lyrics.  From this, it can be seen that Wallace is also a talented lyricist, as well as his compassionate and charitable nature.

Later, the song  was also used by Shaanxi Chunshan Education Foundation (CEF) as its public welfare advertising song. Furthermore the MV  was filmed in a primary school in Lantian county, Xi’an, Shaanxi on November 5, 2011.

The song is quite nice but a bit short. This is understandable since this is an advertising jingle. This is a special request from iin suci mulyani so I hope she will enjoy this song even more after knowing the touching lyrics.

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One Day We’ll All Grow Old’s English Lyrics 有一天我们都会老


This is actually the cover version of a 2001 old song. Wallace uses his soft and warm voice to sing this old song again at his S concert as well as during the Qixi Festival on CCTV. It is a rather touching and melodious song which can be addictive. Thus it has sort of become the unofficial song of Wallace’s official fan club. He will usually sing it during the fan gathering as the song is very meaningful about growing old with the fans and thanking them for their support. Therefore as Wallace’s fan, you are expected to know how to sing this song and sing it along with him 😛

Thanks to Chewywon for taking the time and effort to make the MV as well as subtitling it. This enables you to drool over Wallace while you learn how to sing the song lol.

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A Simple Man’s English Lyrics 普通人

Himmy and Chewywon are so hardworking so I have to translate the lyrics to show my support for Wallace even though I don’t really fancy the song. It is okay and is growing on me but I don’t like how they are kind of cashing in on Wallace’s fame to advertise the movie. Anyhow Wallace sings it very well and the song suits him in that he is a simple yet not simple man. I would have liked it better if Wallace has a role in the movie. He is really professional, wearing a Statue of Liberty sweater to attend the press conference for this song. This is the first time I’ve heard of a OST press conference for a movie. I hope he has been paid well for this 😛

Do inform me of any errors and omissions within the English translation. Thank you to hoju for helping me with 2 lines. By the way, she also helped me to translate the lyrics of Why Love?, the ending theme song of My Sunshine into English even though she is not really Wallace Chung’s fan. Finally, a big thank you to Chewywon for subbing it in the MV at such short notice.

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