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For this month, there were bits and pieces of news about Wallace out there to whet our appetite for his upcoming new TV shows.  First thing first though, Happy Halloween ALL!

Here’s a very impressive fanmade MV of Wallace in celebration of this holy evening.

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Wallace Chung on Netflix

A while ago, I remember reading about Netflix trying to get into China’s market. Critics were saying it might be a tough market to get into considering that China already has many online offerings (most of which are free). However, what Netflix offer is something different, which is targeting the international audiences who need English subtitles. Over the years, I have noticed an increase in Asian dramas on Netflix and without realizing, Wallace’s last three big projects have managed to be brought by Netflix.

Since I am a fan of Yichen and Mosheng’s love story, Haha recently informed me that My Sunshine is now on Netflix. So I figure it would be a good idea to do a quick features on all of Wallace’s projects currently on Netflix. I strongly recommend any fan who has an account there to support Wallace, so that we can get more projects.

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 “Sing For Life” Concert

Wallace’s closing concert is in Beijing ( September 24). Tickets were in high demand as who knows when this boy will have another  concert.  Many fans even post up their frustration by hashtagging  “Hard to get a ticket for Wallace Chung’s concert.”  If you are one of those disappointed fans, remember everything will be a thing of the past (that did not help, did it? …LO L).

In August though, Wallace had 2 concerts: One in Guangzhou on the 6th and the other one in Shenzhen on the 13th.  During the weeks leading up to the concerts, Wallace had posted on his weibo asking if fans whether they would like to hear one more song or listen to him talk more. Well, it looks like the fans have spoken up, because he sure did take his sweet time talking between performances. Continue reading AUGUST 2016 NEWS UPDATE


This month is a happy month for me because of the MV release, movie trailers, drama confirmation and weibo update. Although Wallace did not make any public appearance, his project updates were everywhere!

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“My Sunshine” All Access Pass

In keeping with the love theme this month, this is a special My Sunshine post, your all access pass to everything related to the drama. Any new updates will be added. Discussion are definitely welcome, but let’s keep it topic related. If we missed anything or you want to add other related links, shoot us a note at the bottom. Happy viewing!!!

Peanuts: Gu Man who is the author of the novel is a WC fan. Hence she handpicked him to play the role of Yi Chen. Furthermore most of the fans of the novels also voted for WC as being the most suitable actor to portray Yi Chen. I also did a poll on this before WC was announced to have landed the role.

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Happy Lunar New Year! I’m expecting virtual ang pow (red envelope) from you lol, preferably with Wallace face printed on it lol.

Won: Himmy and Peanuts, here are red envelopes for both of you. Time is money and I have spent it all making  it.  LOL!  Also, “Happy Lunar New Year” to all the wonderful Wallace’s fans around the world!!!

Peanuts: Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Give me my ‘lai see’ lol. A fat red packet from Bong who is Yang Yang’s fan to Wallace’s fans lol.

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