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Wallace ended his Beijing concert in August with these words, “Be safe; remember to miss me.” In hindsight, that was probably his way of telling us that we wouldn’t see him for a while, but few people noticed that as everyone was dazzled by his performance! Hence, now you are reading probably the shortest monthly update in the history of this blog. 

Continue reading SEPTEMBER 2017 NEWS UPDATE

AUGUST 2017 NEWS UPDATE: Nanjing Concert Edition

The month of August has come and gone with no news regarding any of the air dates for Wallace’s two previously wrapped up dramas (Memories of Love and Liang Sheng). Hence, August was a quiet month for Wallace. Luckily, he decided to continue his “Sing For Life” concert tour and we got lots of photos to share.

Nanjing Concert

Wallace held his concert this time in Nanjing, China on the 26th of this month. His last concert was almost a year ago in Beijing on 9th September, 2016. Continue reading AUGUST 2017 NEWS UPDATE: Nanjing Concert Edition

[Eng+Pinyin] Wanderer at the End of the World 浪人天涯 – Wallace Chung 钟汉良

All English translations for Wallace’s mini album, Sing For Life, have been completed thanks to Haha. You can go to her own blog to check out the lyrics as well as many other great songs. My goal is to encode the last song, which is “Peace of Mind” (心安).

In the meantime, I’ve managed to finish my favorite song “Wanderer at the End of the World” (浪人天涯). Wallace’s vocal here takes center stage as the background music provides only the basic beats. I now understand why Wallace’s long-time fans are upset when his dramas get dubbed: His voice is very soothing here. Continue reading [Eng+Pinyin] Wanderer at the End of the World 浪人天涯 – Wallace Chung 钟汉良

[Eng Sub] Hunters 獵人 MV- Wallace Chung 钟汉良

This week’s translated MV features Wallace’s song call Hunter ( 獵人 ) from his 2015 album Sing For Life. It’s an upbeat song that will surely give you an extra boost.

The MV making itself was easy breezy, but the timing of the translations was something else. I swear it took me 3 times as long as making the MV. My limited mandarin is just not strong enough for these fast paced songs. Nonetheless, it is finally done and I’m ready to let it go and move on to the next song. Continue reading [Eng Sub] Hunters 獵人 MV- Wallace Chung 钟汉良

[Eng Sub] Feeling Pumped 感覺夠 FM MV

Haha translated “Feeling Pumped” for quite a while now. I’ve just manage to get it finalized with the encoded English subtitles after a long month of trying to fit it in my schedule. The song is pretty catchy and it’s been on my running playlist.

So jam to this song along with me and Wallace! Continue reading [Eng Sub] Feeling Pumped 感覺夠 FM MV

Wallace’s ‘Sing For Life’ Fashion

Wallace’s Sing for Life Shanghai concert in February is visually appealing and grander than his last concert. He sang a total of 28 songs and had about 8 different costume changes. There were no big fashion no-no’s. Concept-wise, Wallace’s concert had too many themes (futuristic, white winter, clowns, circus, shaolin, etc). It is hard to connect his fashion with his overall concert theme.

As this is my opinion only, if you disagree, voice your opinion below. You can also vote your favorite look as well. Also, I may add that both Peanuts and Himmy have opted out from commenting, so I take it that they are on my side (you all should as well …LOL).  😉

Peanuts: Wow, I hope no rotten tomatoes will be thrown at Chewywon for criticizing some of Wallace’s costume choice 😛 We may be Wallace’s fans but we should also be objective in our judgment and assessment. As a designer, Chewywon is entitled to have her own opinion though you and she may not see eye to eye. Yes, support Chewywon & Wallace as well lol. Continue reading Wallace’s ‘Sing For Life’ Fashion