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All Out Of Love: Cheng Tian You’s Fashion Show Part 1

Are you dazzled by Cheng Tian You’s extensive wardrobe on All Out of Love? While waiting for more episodes of the drama, I’ve compiled some pictures (not all) from Weibo of those clothes he wore in the first 20 episodes. A fashion blogger on Weibo calculated that he has 35 sets of clothes in the first 10 episodes but the number of his outfits dropped to 34 sets in the next 10 episodes. Thus in total, he wore 69 sets of clothes for 20 episodes. It is rumored that he’ll have 300 sets in total.  So, let’s start counting.

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From All Out of Love, to We Are On The Way, to his “Sing for Life” concert tour, and to the new version of Memories of Love, Wallace bombarded his Sweet Grapefruit Girls with plenty of exciting news. Oh yes—Sweet Grapefruit Girls is your new nickname, fangirls! Why? Read on…

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Wallace Chung’s 2018 Calendar (Hard Copy Version)

You’ve asked for it, here it is! Our full hard copy version of the 2018 Wallace’s Calendar in conjunction with our previous give-away Calendar post. Someone has been bugging me hoping to  see the hard copy version as they didn’t get a chance to get a copy. I’ve been holding it off, but finally made an effort. So feast your eyes for the  lovely pictures. Keep in mind, I only chose these pictures because they are of a high-resolution. Who knows, maybe next year, I’ll do a “My Sunshine” version for myself?   Continue reading Wallace Chung’s 2018 Calendar (Hard Copy Version)


Wallace Chung’s birthday month was a time for reflection and celebration. Wallace entertained himself with five Weibo posts, 29 photos, a violin recital by Itzhak Perlman in Taipei, and the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai. Plus, he congratulated two new branches of the Wallace Chung Village Libraries of Happiness on opening in Yuci, Shanxi. How did you celebrate his birthday?  Continue reading NOVEMBER 2017 NEWS UPDATE


Wallace’s first visual art show ran from July 1 to September 30 at MoCA Shanghai, China. In the July News Update, we promised you that we would publish an independent post about the exhibition. Here it is! This post compiles translations of the news and feedback regarding the exhibition, in addition to the artist’s messages for you on MoCA Shanghai’s walls. Continue reading Translations of HON WALLACE CHUNG EXHIBITION