Translated Songs


Wallace’s Album

Sing for Life (2016) :

"Sing For Life" (樂作人生) 
"Hunters" ( 獵人)
"If You Are the One"  (閒人免進) 
    aka "Authorized Personnel Only"
"Feeling Pumped" (感覺夠)
"Peace of Mind" (心安)
"Wanderer at the End of the World" (浪人天涯)

Other Songs :

"Red" ( 紅色)
"Black" (黑) featuring Jimmy Lin (林志穎)
"One Day We'll All Grow Old" 有一天我们都会老
"I Want To Fly Over The World" 想飞,飞过世界

Movie OST

Hollywood Adventures (2015) :

“A Simple Man” 普通人 by Wallace Chung

Monster Hunt (2015)

“A Remarkable Book” 奇書 by Wallace Chung

 Drama OST

General and I 孤芳不自赏 (2017)

"A Lonesome Blossom" (一枝孤芳) by Wallace Chung
"A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated"
 ( 孤芳不自赏) by Henry Huo
"Once Familiar with the Scenery"
 (风景旧曾谙) by William Wei, Claire Kou
"In Front of the Eyes" (眼前) by Tan Jing
"Tower of Tears" (泪塔) by Fang Yuan
"Never Betray" (不负) by Zhou Pin

My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 (2015)

"My Sunshine" (何以笙箫默) Zhang Jie
"Why Love?"  (何以爱情) Wallace Chung
"Long Time No See" (好久不见)  Tang Yan
"Glimmer of Light" (微光 by) Hua Chen Yu
"The Sum of Loneliness" (孤独的总和) Wu Wenfang

Fanmade MV w/ great English subbed songs
"Just One Day" - LYN (린)

Bodyguards and Assassins(2014)

“China Mountain” (中國山) Wallace Chung

The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils 天龍八部 (2013)

“Grave of infatuation” (痴情冢) Ting Anne Jia

Fanmade MV w/ great English subbed songs

Best Time 最美的时光 (2013)

Fanmade MV w/ great English subbed songs
“Once A Heartache”

Magic Blade 天涯明月刀 (2012)

“Wanderer at the End of the World” (浪人天涯) Wallace Chung

Too Late to Say I Love You 不及说我爱你 (2010)

Fanmade MV w/ great English subbed songs


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