YiChen & MoSheng’s Surprise Appearance at the Spring/Summer ’15 Louis Vuitton

Wallace @ louis vuitton event

Wallace and Tiffany made a surprise appearance this week at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 press show.  Just hours ago, Wallace was doing press for the soon to be released movie “Monster Hunt.”  He is quite the busy man as the day before, as he was also promoting his still in production movie “Three” (starring alongside Louis Koo & Zhao Wei). This man, when he is done with a project, is gone like the wind. When he’s doing press, he comes out with all the news, my brain can’t even keep up.

Anyways, both Mr. and Mrs. He wore their outfits straight from the runway.  2

I’m not a fan of this look. It’s not really high fashion considering all men have a pairs of plain khaki pants and a plain black shirt somewhere in their closet.  The jacket is not even flattering. All I’m saying is that this outfits had better be made with fabric that are super high quality.2

This dress is interesting. Only certain people can actually make this dress look good due to the busy pattern layouts, the suffocating neckline, and the interesting center front button closure. Tiffany looks good here; although, I probably would go with boots of a different color. On the other hand, it’s understandable that the model should wear boots of a very neutral color, as the focus need to be on the dress. 65 4 73

Other A listers at the event:  sssI would love to post all of the Wallace-related photos at this event on this post, but there are just too many. Also, if I post every photo here, this page would look very messy because the pics are of different qualities and sizes.

If you want to see additional pictures, click on the below link:



15 thoughts on “YiChen & MoSheng’s Surprise Appearance at the Spring/Summer ’15 Louis Vuitton”

      1. Ya, his clothes are so fitting & suave in My Sunshine compared to those cheapie in Best Time 😛 Himmy said they are cheap so I am only quoting her 😛 I don’t like his pants here, so loose & baggy. I think he wore it straight off the shelf & didn’t tailor fit it.


      2. betul betul betul.. i hafal already la with best time.. ask me, i’ll pass the exam about best time 😛

        aiyooo.. havent watched anything about wallace this month, i miss him already, now im watching HXM and YM’s husband (oh My, suddenly i forgot his name) 😛


      3. You will only place second cos I’ll get the high score 😛
        Don’t mention it, I miss him a lot too 😦 I’m very loyal to WC so I just gonna wait for his next project 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. so you didnt watch anything? aiyoo, what a hardcore fan la you.. i still watch other dramas, especially from HXM and Hawick lau (now i remember his name, yatta).. i also watch The Four, some taiwanese drama, thai and korean, lols


  1. Tiff Tang is scarily skinny @.@ She will look prettier if she gains like… at least 10 pounds. And i want Wallace’s kin :(((((((( he should write blog on skincare routine or smt…


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